Lone Star Regional Rangers

The Lone Star Regional Rangers Network (LSRRN) is a collaboration between the Ranger departments of several Regional Burns in and around Texas.

Early on, Ranger leadership for each burn realized that re-inventing the wheel made little sense, and so we've been supporting each other's events with shared resources, knowledge, processes, and tools. Providing mutual aid and assistance between neighboring organizations is just one way that we are in alignment with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS).

The Lone Star Regional Ranger Council (LSRRC) is simply composed of each of those burn's Ranger Leads and Assistant Leads. Each burn's Ranger leadership makes their own decisions regarding policy changes and personnel matters.

Our training is standardized, allowing any ranger who has trained at one event in the network to plug into others with minimal event-specific updates, as long as that training has happened within the 12 months prior to the event they want to work. We also recognize Black Rock Ranger training within the previous 12 months, and a few other burns if we can confirm that the training is similar enough (conducted by a LSRR trainer, and including adequate coverage of how the Incident Command System works).

The current calendar of events interesting to the LSRRC can be found here.

The Lone Star Regional Ranger Manual , which is currently being reviewed, is intended as a training supplement and reference to allow better inter-changeability between our events.